The AccoLade – Pinocchio

The AccoLade

“The so called the Accolade band has written this underground hit “Pinocchio”.

For instance they can’t perform in public, but the four students have been able to stage gigs in private compounds as well to make studio recordings of their material.

Saudi Arabia maintains a strict code of control over women, based on Islamic precepts.

Women officially cannot make independent travel, education or medical choices without permission from a senior male relative.

The rules also prohibit women from appearing in public alone or without an enshrouding veil.

There is even an injunction against women drivers.

One of the band’s member told the New York Times that its formation was a demonstration of generational change. “The upcoming generation is different from the one before,” said Dina, 21, a founder member and guitarist. “Everything is changing. Who knows in 10 years it’s going to be OK to have a band with live performances.”

Lamia, the lead singer who has piercings on her eyebrow and lip, said it had been difficult to come as far as they had. “In Saudi, yes, it’s a challenge,” she said. “Maybe we’re crazy. But we wanted to do something different.”

They claim they won’t challenge the conservative kingdom’s ban on female public performances that is enforced by the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice -(their stick-weilding officials) but hope to stage a concert in more liberal Dubai.

“It’s important for them to see what we’re capable of,” said Dina.”


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